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How Sunset Music Supervision Works

Sunset Music Supervision provides composers, lyricists, recording artists a home for all of their licensing needs. The company works direct with film companies, TV Networks, production companies, advertising companies, companies for in store plays and it works all musical works, sound recordings and final masters to our many strategic partners. We provide our clients and customers an easy way to use our material for film & TV, business & website, background music and more. We provide musicians with the opportunity to sell their music while learning from the best in the music community.

Music License Summary


Royalty Free MUSIC License Options:


***Everything on this page relates to MUSIC licensing. 


We offer the following MUSIC license options, all depending on your intended use: A) Standard License | B) Mass Reproduction | C) Television/Radio Advertisement | D) Theatrical/Commercial Film


Music licenses are 100% royalty free with some deals and our music licenses are paid on a royalty basis depending on theoutlook and resource. Sunset Music Supervision is partnered up with ASCAP, Sound Exchange, Music Reports.

Select your preferred license option from within your shopping cart.



This license permits usage of the Music as follows:

In free iPhone/iPad/Android/Facebook apps, podcasts, softwares, and games.

In both free and paid, non-downloadable casual games played exclusively via a web browser

In Television, Radio, wedding videos, and corporate videos (except for use in a Radio or TV Advertisement)

On the world wide web, including web videos, slideshows, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and on websites

In film festivals (both student and professional)


The Standard License includes the reproduction of up to 1,000 copies of your project in physical, tangible products like CD's, DVD's, VHS tapes, Blu-rays, toys, and console games.




In an Advertisement to be run on Television or Radio

In a commercial film release or theatrical presentation (excluding film festival screenings)

In a paid (i.e. not free) iPhone/iPad/Android app, podcast, or downloadable software/game where more than 1,000 copies will be downloaded

In over 1,000 physical/tangible reproductions of a product like CD's, DVD's, Blu-rays, toys, and console games


Notice: Apps and games that offer "in-app" purchasing by the user are considering paid (i.e. not free) and require the Mass Reproduction License if more than 1,000 will be distributed.



This license is ONLY required if you wish to make over 1,000 physical/tangible reproductions of your product or utilize the music in a paid (i.e. not free) iPhone/iPad/Android/Facebook app, podcasts, software, and/or games where more than 1,000 copies will be downloaded.

Notice: The Standard License allows up to 1,000 downloads of both free and paid software/games as well as unlimited downloads of free (and not allowing in-app purchasing) iPhone/iPad/Android apps, podcasts, softwares, and games. Therefore, you do NOT need to purchase a mass duplication license unless you're distributing over 1,000 physical/tangible reproductions of videos, softwares, games, toys within media such as CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and the like OR using the music in paid (i.e. not free) iPhone/iPad/Android apps and podcasts to be downloaded more than 1,000 times.


This license is ONLY required if you are using the music in an Advertisement run on either Television or Radio.


Television / Radio Advertisement License prices:


For Music used in Local/Regional advertisements played on Television or Radio (with a range of 250 miles in all directions from the broadcast center), the price is the Standard License)

For Music used in Nationwide/Worldwide advertisements played on Television or Radio.



This license is ONLY required for commercial film releases and theatre presentations. Utilization of the music in non-commercial, educational, and editorial projects, like student films and contest submissions, is included in the Standard License.


Theatrical/Commercial License



All of our licenses allow you use the music solely in your own projects. You cannot resell the music as a standalone product or create a derivative work that primarily contains just the music and the resell it as your own, such as a meditation CD with your voice running over the music. If you’d like to use the music in such a manner, please contact us for a special license arrangement.

Mechanical Licenses

We allow mechanical licenses by getting in touch with us directly:


Sunset Music Supervision, attn: Mechanical Licensing


tel: 856-685-7154

Please include information about the composer, the recording artist, and the initial number of units to be manufactured.

Or through one of our many strategic partners.

Sample Requests

Please send all sample and derivative work requests directly to us here:

Sunset Music Supervision, attn: Sample Requests


tel: 856-685-7154

Please include information about the new sound recordings and musical works including the composer name or the recording artist professional name and the MP3 file that is for review.

Synconization Licenses

All Film, Television and Advertising licensing is handled here:

Sunset Music Supervision, attn: Sync Licensing


tel: 856-685-7154


Please include all relevant information including your music budget and overall production budget, the song(s) you wish to license, the type of license (ie: tv, film, trailer, commercial, video game, etc), media rights requested, synopsis, scene description, term, territory, . We will respond with a quote accordingly.

For any and all issues and information, please contact us this way:

Sunset Music Supervision, attn: General Inquiry


tel: 856-685-7154

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