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Federal Moguls (Quirky Side project by QBall (Bloodhound Gang Member side project)):




Federal Moguls Branch Manager, Q-Ball (DJ for Multi Platinum act The Bloodhound Gang), and Shift Supervisor Troy Walsh (MTV.com, Mr. Unlikely), work alongside the Senior Sales Associate, J. J. Sinatra and the Resources and Development, Dave Vegas. Uniquely modern with a dash of hip-hop, the Federal Moguls are here to represent for all home owning upper middle class college graduates building their financial portfolios.

Investing money means putting money to work across a wide range of assets, establishing financial comfort and securing future wealth. Federal Moguls provide a number of investment solutions specifically designed for your individual needs. Their service allows you to invest on your own schedule and conduct business from the comfort of your own home.

When asked about the Federal Moguls, High Risk Investment Planning, the head of Sunset Records, Don Lichterman says “this is all self explanatory for people and tough times take measures so everyone better listen closely to these guys.” Lichterman then ends the conversation by saying that everyone should look for this to be in stores before all holidays this year.

In a notice released by Federal Moguls agent, Q-Ball, his advice is always based on everyone’s personal objectives or financial situation and is on a case by case basis. There are also never any specific fees or revenues given to the Federal Moguls company. There are many reasons for everyone to become an investor. It may be time to save for the overseas holiday for the family, the down payment on your next home, your child’s future education or to get that nest egg for retirement.

For all information relating to the Federal Moguls, High Risk Investment Planning, please contact Sunset Records in New York City. Q-Ball, Troy Walsh and all the Federal Moguls agents finished up the final mix for the High Risk Investment Planning


Harry Dean Jr. aka DJ-QBall

Jonthan Rowe

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